The BIG Finish!

It’s hard to believe that my first semester of doctoral coursework has come to a close. It’s been a wild ride filled with lots of reading, writing, questioning, pondering, studying, collaborating, etc. The final task for my educational technology research course was to create an “elevator pitch” to outline my research interests. This turned out to be a much harder task than I thought because I have “lots” of ideas from my many years of working in the field of education. Hot topics currently on my mind include:

  • Flipped classroom model – moving from passive to active learning for iGeneration teachers using Blendspace or a beta equivalent.
  • The need for multiple digital spaces to transform a teacher education program – a digital ecology focus.
  • Flexible technology-mediated pathways to foster the 4C’s in a teacher preservice program.
  • Removing the content to learn how to teach in a technology-mediated environment (yes I know this one is out there and crazy…but my years of experience tell me it’s not really that crazy – think themes & Finland:)

Overall, I learned that I really like working with teachers and future teachers to provide authentic and collaborative learning opportunities to push their thinking, pedagogy and technology immersion. In the end, I selected to create an elevator pitch on a Hybrid Learning Space for preservice teachers. Think of this hybrid approach as a place where identity and community get realized through a technology-mediated digital space as well as a way to modifying pedagogy across path, pace, time and place. It’s like a space to practice “school” in the 21st century! Shown below is my first attempt of many at sharing a research interest I have:

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